The Val Kilmer Lookalike Who Stormed the Capitol Has Finally Been Identified


Stewart Curtis (Advance Democracy) in Washington, DC on January 6

A previously unknown insurgent who stormed the US Capitol on January 6, 2021 has been identified for the first time as a former history major who repeatedly tweeted that former Vice President Mike Pence was a “Judas” and a “rat bastard”. were.

Stewart Curtis, who grew up in Sweet Home, Oregon, and studied at Southern Oregon University, was identified by researchers from Advancing Democracy, a nonpartisan nonprofit that monitors extremists, and VICE Verified by Newscheck.

Curtis images were before Posted online last August By Sedition Hunters, a global community of open source intelligence (OSINT) investigators working to assist authorities in identifying those who stormed the Capitol two years ago. The group was unable to identify Curtis, whom they nicknamed #WannaBeKilmer because of Curtis’s resemblance to actor Val Kilmer.

But their images show Curtis in a crowd approaching the Capitol on Jan. 6, accompanied by two of his sisters, Moira Curtis, a car salesperson in Corvallis, Oregon, and Laurel Adams, a school teacher in Sweet Home.

Then at 2:07 p.m., moments after the first insurgent stormed the Capitol, video footage Stewart Curtis is shown in a crowd of people against a police line on the west side of the US Capitol Building.

Curtis was identifiable because in most of the footage he could be seen holding a red iPhone which was recording what was happening.

Half an hour later, at 2:38 p.m., Curtis was again caught holding a red cell phone while entering the US Capitol through the Upper West Terrace. He didn’t stay for very long though, and was caught on camera leaving the same entrance just 10 seconds later.

However, Curtis did not leave the Capitol grounds, and at an unknown time he re-entered the building through another entrance, captured on video with an American flag wrapped around him. by National Geographic, He can then be seen shouting at another rioter as he leaves the Mark O’Hatfield Room of the Senate.

It is unclear how long he remained inside the building the second time, or how he left.

There is no video footage to show that Moira Curtis or Laurel Adams entered the Capitol.

Vice News contacted Stewart Curtis, Moira Curtis and Laurel Adams on multiple occasions via email, phone and social media, but they did not respond to requests for comment. Researchers at Advance Democracy were able to identify Curtis through images he posted on his Facebook page and Instagram account. VICE News independently verified these accounts and photos.

A spokesperson for Southern Oregon University confirmed that Curtis was a student there during the fall 2019 and winter 2020 terms. On Facebook, Curtis described himself as studying chemistry, but the university told Vice News he was a history major.

In the days following the attack on the Capitol on his Twitter account, Curtis criticized Pence for certifying the election.

In a tweet, he responded to a message from Pence’s official account about the death of Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick after the insurrection, calling Pence a “Judas”.

screenshot on 2023-01-11 20.40.50.png

In another post on Twitter on January 8, he said that Pence was “worse than Judas”. He immediately regretted his actions. Pence is a rat bastard of the highest order.

That tweet was in response to a post related to the QAnon-affiliated militia group known as the First Amendment Praetorians, commonly referred to as 1AP, whose two members were on the Capitol grounds on Jan. According to the group’s lawyer.

Curtis may have known of the group because his father, James Curtis, was a member at the time. media reports, court filingAnd audio recording posted online.

1AP, which was Co-founded by former Army Sergeant Robert Patrick LewisIt came to prominence in the lead-up to the 2020 election when the group provided security for a march organized by pro-Trump activist and social media influencer Brandon Straka, who was arrested during the Capitol attack.

Lewis’s group, which is made up of former military and law enforcement personnel, quickly aligned itself with those surrounding former President Donald Trump, furthering his lie that the 2020 election was stolen.

In the months following the election, Lewis and his group provided security for a number of prominent MAGA figures, including disgraced former national security advisor Michael Flynn and his brother Joe, Stop the Steal founder Ali Alexander, pillow salesman and Big Lie Mike. Funders were involved. Lindell, and “Kraken” attorney Sidney Powell.

Lewis’s group also participated in the investigation to find alleged evidence of electoral issues regarding alleged election irregularities. One of those efforts was a seven-week deployment to election conspirator Stacey Burke’s home in Arizona after she claimed a member of the Koch family had admitted Counterfeit ballots off South Korean airplanea claim that provoked unframed bamboo ballot plot Which took hold in right-wing circles.

James Curtis was among about a dozen 1AP members who provided security for Burke during a seven-week period. His presence was revealed in several audio recordings of conversations between Burke and Curtis, which Curtis shared raw story and eventually posted on his SoundCloud account.

Vice News attempted to contact James Curtis via email, phone and social media accounts but did not receive a response.

Stewart Curtis has been inactive on social media for over a year. He hasn’t posted publicly on his Facebook, Instagram or Twitter since January 13, 2021, when he posted two tweets in a span of 12 hours. Both messages responded to the same post from Pence about the death of Republican mega-donor Sheldon Adelson, and both had the same: “Judas!!!!”

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