Oxfam urges windfall tax on food companies


London – Anti-poverty group Oxfam said during the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting on Monday that food companies making huge profits as inflation rises should face windfall taxes to help reduce global inequality. That’s the view in a report by Oxfam International, which has sought for a decade to highlight inequality at a conference of …

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With the right attitude, Desharnais earned the windfall in Oilers’ debut: ‘It’s priceless’


ANAHEIM — As a 26-year-old, seventh-round draft pick who doesn’t score much or skate fast enough, no one spared Vincent Desharnais‘ seems to be getting in the way more. “People said, ‘You’re too tall. You’re not quick enough. You’re too slow.’ I’ve heard them all,” said the six-foot-seven Laval native. But there was one thing …

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Government Slashes Windfall Tax On Diesel, Atf – Windfall Tax: सरकार ने डीजल व एटीएफ पर विंडफॉल टैक्स घटाया, घरेलू क्रूड ऑयल के निर्यात कर में भी कटौती


hear the news The government has reduced the windfall tax on diesel and ATF (Air Turbine Fuel). According to a government notification, the tax on export of domestic crude oil has been reduced to Rs 1,700 per tonne from the existing Rs 4,900 per tonne. Tax on ATF has been reduced from Rs 5 per …

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