‘Welcome move, but too late,’ Opposition MVA says on replacement of Maharashtra Governor Koshyari


Jharkhand Governor Ramesh Bais (left) has been appointed as the Maharashtra Governor after President Droupadi Murmu accepted the resignation of Bhagat Singh Koshyari, on February 12, 2023. | Photo Credit: ANI The Opposition Maha Vikas Aghadi (MVA) coalition, which had long been clamouring for the removal of Bhagat Singh Koshyari as Maharashtra’s Governor, on Sunday …

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Opinion | Why I Welcome Our Future AI Overlords


Another complaint directed at newsroom AI is that even if it is cheap and fast, it will only replace human intelligence with algorithmic rigor, making everything sound like voiceless robots. To this complaint it must first be acknowledged that very few works of journalism have contained much in the way of literary merit. Magazine and …

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China moves to Afghanistan as ties with Taliban grow: ‘We welcome Chinese investment’

GOP House initiates probe of Afghanistan withdrawal

America return from afghanistan August 2021 paves the way for China to move forward and deepen its influence in the country and the wider region. While most of the international community has shied away Taliban China has little to say about the Taliban’s bleak human rights record for its antiquated policies, especially towards women. Chinese …

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Kerala trans-couple set to welcome baby next month


The couple, who have been living together for the last three years, announced the news on Instagram on February 1, 2023. Photo credit: Instagram/paval19 A transgender couple in Kerala has announced that they are expecting a baby next month, in possibly the first such pregnancy of a trans person in the country. Ziya Paval, a …

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‘Welcome Hong Kong’ launches with free flights


Hong Kong – Hong Kong will give away air tickets and vouchers to attract tourists back to the international financial hub, which is racing to compete with other popular travel destinations in a fierce regional competition. During the pandemic, the city has largely aligned itself with mainland China’s “zero-Covid” strategy and spent months relaxing its …

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Tom Brady retirement a welcome sight for some football fans


New York – Football fans have mixed reactions to Tom Brady’s retirement, with some applauding the legendary quarterback’s decision while others are in disbelief “I think it’s about time,” said one Bears fan. Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski played together for 11 seasons after Rob was drafted to the New England Patriots in 2010. (Mike …

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