India beat Australia – Ravindra Jadeja penalized for using ‘soothing cream’ without intimating umpires – Nagpur Test


The incident in question took place in the 46th over of day one of the Test when the Australia first innings was on. He was seen applying a cream – a pain-relief ointment – on the index finger of his bowling hand. Images from the broadcast showed Jadeja taking a substance off Mohammed Siraj’s hand …

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8 Ways You Should Be Using Your Scrub Daddy (But Aren’t)


picture, zspider ,Shutterstock, you can use scrub daddy More than just dishes: For example, brand promises “FlexTexture has been independently tested scratch-free on a car’s exterior paint.” Just scrub the car first to make sure there isn’t any other hard, foreign debris that could scratch it when pulling off the damper.

Using AI to find exoplanets and intelligent civilizations


Astronomers are turning to artificial intelligence and machine learning to help spot new planets forming around other stars and possible signals from intelligent civilizations elsewhere in the galaxy. The flood of new data streaming in from the James Webb Space Telescope and other large instruments on the ground is overwhelming the humans who go through …

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