Flying Lizard: Way of the Dragon


The male flashes it rapidly with his long curled lemon-yellow ‘beard’ to communicate with others of his kind. , photo credit: wiki commons The flying dragons of the hill forests of South India do not announce their presence with much fanfare. Instead, they remain hidden from predators, almost indistinguishable from lichen-speckled tree-stem houses. To be …

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New funding announced to protect, revive local endangered snake population


article content The Massasauga rattlesnake has a history of over two million years in North America, including Windsor. article content Now, the iconic snake is critically endangered – but local researchers are hoping the new funding could help protect and revive the ailing species. article content MPP Andrew Dowie (Progressive Conservative – Windsor-Tecumseh) along with …

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Newly discovered snake named for Leonardo DiCaprio’s mother


comment on this story Comment When actor Leonardo DiCaprio attends an award ceremony, his mother is often on his arm. Now he belongs elsewhere: in the history of biological literature. The actor recently named a newly discovered species of snail-eating snake after his mother. irmelinto raise awareness about The threat that mining presents to biodiversity …

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The Truth About Donald Trump’s 11 Worst Snake Oil Ads On Social


photo, sergei elagin ,Shutterstock, Former President Donald Trump is reportedly planning abandon true socialThe destitute social media platforms he created after Twitter and Facebook removed him from their sites. But in recent months both Twitter And Facebook He is welcomed back. That’s bad news for Truth Social, which, like all social media platforms, makes its …

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Snake not quite on a plane: TSA finds boa


The bizarre yet fascinating array of animals discovered by TSA agents in carry-on baggage at US airports last until 2023. This time there was an old standby theme popular in the Quest movies: Snakes on an Airplane! Well, it was a 4 foot boa constrictor to be exact. And technically, it never made it on …

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S Jaishankar Evokes Hillary Clinton Snake Remark To Slam Pakistan – Un


India has once again given a befitting reply to Pakistan in the United Nations Security Council. Foreign Minister Dr. S. Jaishankar, while answering a question, lashed out at Pakistan’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Hina Rabbani Khar. Actually, Hina Rabbani Khar first accused India of spreading terrorism. Not only this, Rabbani also accused India …

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