Hubble begins a new ‘spoke’ season of Saturn: NASA – J&K Latest News | Tourism | Breaking News J&K – Daily Excelsior


Hubble begins a new ‘spoke’ season of Saturn: NASA – J&K Latest News | Tourism | breaking news jammu and kashmirDaily Excelsior NASA’s Hubble Telescope kicks off Saturn’s new ‘spoke’ season: Watch the video | oneindia newsoneindia news Hubble picks up mysterious specks on Saturn in spectacular new imagesindia today NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope captures …

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Hubble captures the start of a new ‘spoke’ season of Saturn: NASA


Scientists think that the smallest, dust-sized icy ring particles can become charged as well, which temporarily levitates those particles above the rest of the larger icy particles and boulders in the rings, NASA said. , Photo Credit: AP In a latest image of Saturn captured by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA’s) Hubble Space …

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NASA rover finds evidence of ancient lake on Mars


In the foothills of a Martian mountain, NASA’s Curiosity rover found surprising new evidence of an ancient lake in the form of rocks carved with waves—and the telltale signs appeared in an unlikely place. The rover is passing an area of ​​Mars called a “sulfate-bearing unit”, which researchers previously thought would only show evidence of …

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Huge piece of sun ‘breaks off’, NASA captures incredible moment


Watch: Huge piece of sun ‘breaks off’, NASA captures unbelievable moment | Photo: Twitter/@TamithaSkov Technological developments have enabled astronomers and scientists to make numerous discoveries about the universe. A never-before-seen incident that has mystified scientists has been caught by NASA as a piece of the sun’s north pole ‘breaks’ off. In the viral video, a …

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NASA’s Capstone Moon Probe Makes Progress Despite Continuing Problems


Artist’s impression of the capstone. image, NASA/Daniel Rutter The NASA-funded Capstone probe has been operating in a unique lunar orbit since November 13, 2022, where it is setting the stage for future space stations and related space-based technologies. The $33 million CubeSat appears to be getting the job done—no small miracle, Given the endless number …

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