Mars Wrigley fined after workers fall into vat of chocolate : NPR


ELIZABETHTOWN, Pa. Federal workplace safety officials have fined a central Pennsylvania confectionery factory more than $14,500 after an accident last year in which two workers fell into a vat of chocolate. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration cited Mars Wrigley in the June accident at the Elizabethtown M&M/Mars factory, saying employees were not authorized to …

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NASA’s Curiosity rover finds ‘surprising evidence’ of water on Mars peppermint – peppermint


NASA’s Curiosity rover finds ‘surprising evidence’ of water on Mars PeppermintPeppermint Water on Mars? Here’s What NASA’s Curiosity Rover FoundThe Indian Express Wonder! NASA’s Curiosity mission has made an amazing new discovery on Marsht tech NASA’s Curiosity rover sees clearest evidence of water ever on MarsNews18 Mars’ watery past: NASA’s Curiosity rover makes a surprising …

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Curiosity Mars rover finds the ‘best evidence’ of ancient water in rippled rocks


NASA’s Curiosity rover recently discovered rippled rock textures that suggest lakes may have existed in a region of ancient Mars that scientists expected to dry up. The rock layers on the “sulfate-bearing unit” formed in drier settings than areas previously explored in the mission, and the region’s sulfates are thought to have been left behind …

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NASA rover finds evidence of ancient lake on Mars


In the foothills of a Martian mountain, NASA’s Curiosity rover found surprising new evidence of an ancient lake in the form of rocks carved with waves—and the telltale signs appeared in an unlikely place. The rover is passing an area of ​​Mars called a “sulfate-bearing unit”, which researchers previously thought would only show evidence of …

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