Object dropped over Yukon may play into ‘intelligence long game’: Ex-NORAD official – National


The unidentified object that shot down over the Yukon on Saturday “could be at play in the intelligence long game,” according to the former deputy commander of the North American Aerospace Defense Command, or NORAD, but at the moment it appears to be completely non-threatening militarily . In an interview with Mercedes Stephenson for The …

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Reasons for Russia’s Jump in Deadly Losses Outlined by U.K. Intelligence


According to the British Ministry of Defence, Russia’s rising casualties in Ukraine are likely due to “a range of factors” related to Moscow’s war effort. Writing in its daily intelligence update, the government department said an “increase in Russian casualties” has been reported in recent weeks, probably due to a “lack of trained personnel, coordination …

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Concerns raised about artificial intelligence misinformation and bias


Concerns about artificial intelligence misinformation and bias – CBS News Watch CBS News Tech companies are beginning to launch ventures into artificial intelligence, such as Microsoft’s investment into the ChatGPT bot. New York Times technology reporter Cade Metz spoke with CBS News senior investigative correspondent Catherine Herridge about the benefits and potential downfalls of the …

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Chinese balloon capable of gathering intelligence


A US official has said that a suspected Chinese surveillance balloon that was shot down by the US this week was able to collect communications signals. It was equipped with multiple antennas capable of “intelligence gathering operations,” a senior State Department official said at a background briefing. On Thursday, US lawmakers passed a non-binding resolution …

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Can Putin win? – POLITICO


“I am evil and scary with claws and teeth,” Vladimir Putin Allegedly David Cameron when pressed by the then British Prime Minister about the use of chemical weapons by Bashar al-Assad, an ally of Russia in Syria, and discussed how far Russia was prepared to go. According to Cameron’s top foreign policy adviser John Casson …

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US says China balloon could collect intelligence signals


WASHINGTON (AP) – China’s balloon shot down by the US Citing photos of US U-2 spy planes equipped to detect and collect intelligence signals, the Biden administration targets more than 40 countries as part of a vast, military-linked aerial surveillance program Was. The US said a fleet of balloons operated under the direction of the …

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