First on CNN: HHS secretary sends letter to state governors on what will happen when COVID-19 public health emergency ends


CNN , Plans are moving forward at the US Department of Health and Human Services to prepare for the expiration of the nation’s COVID-19 public health emergency declaration in May. On Thursday, HHS Secretary Javier Becerra sent a letter and fact sheet to state governors detailing what the end of the emergency declaration would mean …

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5 unfinished movies we still want to see happen


Veteran filmmakers are great to some extent because they know how to pick good projects. However, sometimes, the projects they don’t make are far more intriguing than the ones we get to see. In the long history of Hollywood, many great directors have announced projects but at some point dropped them. It happens all the …

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COVID Rebound Can Happen Even without Paxlovid


Paxlovid gets a bad rap over concerns about a COVID “rebound.” This is the primary finding from a series of papers that shows whether or not people take antiviral drugs, many have symptoms that subside before going away completely. The past few months have seen a number of peer-reviewed and preprint studies on patients with …

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Canada’s vow to take in 10,000 Uyghurs is not set in stone. But this MP is confident it will happen


as it happens7:01Canada’s resolve to take in 10,000 Uighurs is not set in stone. But this MP is confident that it will happen Liberal MP Samir Zuberi says he is confident Canada will keep its promise to resettle thousands of Uighurs fleeing persecution in China. The House of Commons voted unanimously on Wednesday To approve …

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Side deal on health funding could happen alongside national agreement: BC premier


Ahead of next week’s meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, premiers have expressed optimism about striking a better national health funding deal with the federal government. British Columbia Premier David Abby said Wednesday in Ottawa that he believes the federal government will present the provinces and territories with details of a health transfer agreement that …

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Health care deal should happen immediately after meeting with PM: Ford


article content Ontario Premier Doug Ford said Wednesday he hopes the province can reach a health care agreement with the federal government shortly after his meeting with the premier next week. article content Ford echoed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s recent comments that a deal would not be signed at the February 7 meeting. article content …

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Jagmeet Singh says the Canada Health Act can be used to challenge private health care. This may happen?


Federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh is warning about privatization creeping into the public health care system. Most recently, Ontario Premier Doug Ford announced he wanted to give a greater role to privately run for-profit clinics. These facilities are private-sector-run clinics that receive public funding from the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) to perform medically necessary …

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