Climate Solutions Under Your Feet


CaCO3 (limestone) + heat → CaO (lime) + CO2 (carbon dioxide) Making cement this way requires the release of CO2 – greenhouse gases basically baked into the process. Solution A major way to reduce the climate impact of cement is to use less lime. You have to be careful doing this, as you don’t want …

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Water level drops below 99 feet at Bhavanisagar dam


Water level at Bhavanisagar dam dropped below 99 feet against the full reservoir level of 105 feet on Sunday. At 4 p.m., the level stood at 98.67 feet, the inflow was 794 cusecs while the discharge was 1,000 cusecs into Arakankottai and Thadapalli canals and 150 cusecs into River Bhavani for drinking water purpose. The storage was 27.70 tmc ft …

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​Don’t miss out on symptoms of thyroid in your feet


Proper footwear is essential for people with thyroid disorders. Wearing shoes that fit properly and are comfortable can help ease the pain and discomfort caused by foot pain, swelling, and cramps. It is important to choose footwear that provide good arch support, and cushioning, with a soft footbed to help reduce the pressure on the …

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A glimpse into the 200 feet long mobile underwater fish aquarium in Visakhapatnam


Visitors walk through a glass tunnel to view fish at the underwater tunnel exhibit behind the AU Convention Centre, Beach Road, in Visakhapatnam. , photo credit: KR Deepak Arowana, sharks, gouramis, and sting rays scurried around us in this walk-through tunnel aquarium. A visit to the Underwater Tunnel Aquarium exhibit in the grounds behind the …

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