Army joint exercise near Siliguri Corridor in North Bengal


The Army conducted a joint training exercise ‘Trishakti Prahar’ in North Bengal near the strategic ‘Siliguri’ Corridor, also known as Chicken Neck. The drill began on January 21 and ended on Tuesday. Army sources said the exercise enabled rehearsal and coordination among various agencies for “quick movement and employment of forces” in north Bengal. “The …

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Most Americans Aren’t Getting Enough Exercise, Study Finds


Americans are not getting enough exercise. Less than a third of American adults meet recommended benchmarks for aerobic and muscle-building activities set by health officials, according to a new study released Thursday. US Department of Health and Human Services recommended Healthy adults do at least 150 minutes per week — about 20 minutes a day …

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21 easy mobility pulls to keep you flexible from head to toe


Emerging from a period of (well-deserved) rest and rejuvenation requires several things: a pair of couch-to-office leggings, a fresh new 2023 haircut, and easy mobility stretches. No matter your 2023 wellness goals, mobility is just as important as its closely related cousin, flexibility. “The opposite of flexibility—the ability of a muscle to stretch—mobility is the …

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Exercise ‘heightened’ vigilance amid reports of DDoS attacks on Ukraine aid: CSE Center – National


Global News has learned that the Canadian Center for Cyber ​​Security is warning Canadian defense and critical infrastructure providers to “adopt a high state of alert” amid reports of cyber attacks linked to Russia. “The Communications Security Establishment (CSE) is aware of reporting regarding an increase in Russian state-aligned hacktivist groups in response to their …

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The One Change That Didn’t Work: I Pushed Through Exercise Classes — Until My Doctor Advised Rest Health & Wellbeing

PPicturing myself through the past three years is like looking at a childhood picture. I know it’s me, but the gulf between loved ones is wide. Personally, I was very sad. My mother died alone in a London hospice in the summer of 2020, while the Prime Minister and his top officials partyed in Westminster. …

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Study: Dietary Nitrate Supplementation Increases Muscle Force during Exercise


Supplementation of dietary nitrate — commonly found in beet juice — increases nitric oxide bioavailability and may enhance exercise performance. In the new research, scientists from the University of Exeter Medical School and the US National Institutes of Health examined the distribution and metabolic fate of ingested nitrate at rest and during exercise, with a …

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