Cash Cloud, the Bitcoin ATM Maker, Is Broke Amidst Crypto Winter


picture, jeremyward ,Shutterstock, You’ve definitely seen one…a large, orange-eyed lesion strangely moving around your local corner supermarket Or sitting ominously near the neighborhood gas station. Should you be foolish enough to make contact, prying eyes will encourage you to dig into your wallet and fork over cold hard cash in exchange for make-up.Money from internet …

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Ubisoft botched a ‘Division 2’ fix so badly it broke its ability to update the game


Gamers are no stranger to delayed seasons, but division 2 The players are in a particularly awkward position. Ubisoft has revealed that a development “error” has broken the shared-world shooter’s build generation system, and thus the studio’s ability to update the game. The team not only cannot introduce the new season, which has been delayed …

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Toronto dentist broke rules, had sex with patient, fathered child but still practising: regulator


An uptown Toronto dentist may have his license revoked for allegedly engaging in a two-year extramarital affair with a woman shortly after becoming his patient, and having a child with her — a deal with his professional college The disciplinary panel has called “sexual harassment”. , In a decision issued in January, the panel with …

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If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it….paint it!


Breadcrumb Trail Links new homes and condos houses Makeover on a Budget: This kitchen — including cabinets, handles and knobs, countertops, floor tiles, and custom shelving — was given a facelift by investing a little time and using the right products. Reviews and recommendations are unbiased and products are independently selected. Postmedia may earn commissions …

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Amazon: Amazon Broke Law in Anti-Union Campaign, Judge Rules


A US administrative judge has ruled that Amazon broke labor laws by threatening to withhold pay and increased benefits from workers at two New York warehouses if they voted to unionize. The judge found in his ruling Monday that company executives illegally suggested that unionized workers’ wages be withheld during labor negotiations, while non-unionized workers …

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GOLDSTEIN: Health care is broken and our governments broke it


Breadcrumb Trail Links Ontario columnists Canada Rural emergency departments closed, record waits for care, frustrated patients, exhausted and discouraged staff: It’s a summer of chaos in Ontario’s hospitals. Photo by Getty Images ,toronto sun article content Can Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Canada’s 13 premiers and territorial leaders fix our health care system that decades …

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