Counter-Strike: GO breaks its Steam concurrent-player record 11 years after launch


What just happened? With all the attention and positive reviews that Hogwarts Legacy is getting, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the game would top Steam’s most played charts. However, that honor is still held by Counter-Strike: Go, which just broke its concurrent-player record 11 years after its release. pc gamer writes according to him …

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Ayurveda expert breaks myths around having raw salad


Often, to amplify the credibility of salads, prefixes like organic and healthy are also used. But have we ever asked ourselves if salad is really helpful? What if we are eating it wrong? In a recent post, Dr Alka Vijayan, an Ayurveda expert, has done, through her Instagram account, 7 amazing fact checks on consuming …

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Ubisoft accidentally breaks The Division 2 while trying to update it


The Division 2 has enjoyed a long life since its 2019 release, but it looks like the marauder shooter has finally caught on. Just last week, Ubisoft delayed The game’s impending Season 11 launch was marred by localization issues that were “affecting the experience for many players.” But in the process of fixing that issue, Ubisoft accidentally “brought down the build generation system”, meaning no updates were possible until the system was rebuilt. At least they’re being honest.

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Is the ‘Made in India’ era of the iPhone beginning as Apple breaks ties with China?


New Delhi CNN , As Apple Looks Beyond China To secure critical supply chains affected by the Covid lockdown and threatened by rising geopolitical tensions, India has emerged as an attractive potential alternative to the world’s second largest economy. And Beijing’s big regional rivals are not missing out on the opportunity to speak up. One …

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Huge piece of sun ‘breaks off’, NASA captures incredible moment


Watch: Huge piece of sun ‘breaks off’, NASA captures unbelievable moment | Photo: Twitter/@TamithaSkov Technological developments have enabled astronomers and scientists to make numerous discoveries about the universe. A never-before-seen incident that has mystified scientists has been caught by NASA as a piece of the sun’s north pole ‘breaks’ off. In the viral video, a …

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Russian satellite breaks apart in orbit, creating debris that could last 100 years – National

US officials confirmed that a Russian satellite with an unknown mission was destroyed in Earth’s orbit last month, leaving a cloud of debris around the planet. The satellite, named Cosmos 2499 (or Russian spelling Kosmos 2499), was one of several satellites launched by Russia in 2013 and 2014. The purpose of Cosmos 2499 is not …

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