Twitter will benefit from restoring previously banned accounts


comment on this story Comment Elon Musk’s reinstatement of 10 Twitter accounts that had been banned under the platform’s previous management has generated enough engagement as they have returned to the platform to generate $19 million in annual advertising revenue to combat hate speech online. has concluded a non-profit dedicated to. The Center for Countering …

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Android’s Upcoming “App Cloning” Feature Will Make Multiple Accounts Easier


Google Android 14 Preview 1 came out yesterday, and while Google is doing its best to hide interesting consumer-facing features from this early release (either because they’re not finished, or for a big I/O reveal) , This is not stopping the Internet from finding interesting features. ‘App Cloning’ is a new feature apparently hidden in …

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Audit of accounts of Sri Sabanayagar Temple in Chidambaram underway with external auditors: Pothu Dikshitar


The valuables and accounts of the temple since 1955 will be audited Photo Credit: Special Arrangement Pothu Dikshitar, the hereditary custodian-cum-archaka of Sri Sabanayagar Temple in Chidambaram, said he had appointed two external auditors since 1955 and sought the services of government-licensed appraisers to go into the temple’s valuables and accounts Was. Speaking to reporters …

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SHA employee terminated for embezzling funds from residents’ trust accounts


The Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) is reporting that an employee at Northland Pioneer Lodge in Meadow Lake has been terminated following an investigation into irregular activity in the trust accounts of several residents. Irregular payments were made from the resident’s trust account for cash and purchased items, according to a statement. The SHA said they …

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