Reader letter: Increase classroom education about homelessness

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There have been homeless people there as far back as I can remember.

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To solve this problem, we have continuously tried various financial methods which include donations and fundraisers. We have built more shelters, soup kitchens and warming stations.

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It’s impossible to imagine how much money and man hours have been spent helping these poor souls, but I feel that still hasn’t gotten to the root of the problem.

We need to change gears and find another way. Fixing this involves what we already have – an education system.

Let’s do a better job by attacking the problem at the primary level, starting with the grade schools. Make homelessness a part of the child’s health class. Create posters of the homeless and display them in classrooms and hallways with captions such as “Don’t let this happen to you” or “Is this your next home?”

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Speakers at all levels of the school come to address this topic.

Explain the value of education to the children and let them see how life can be without education.

I know better education is not the ultimate solution to our problems, but it would be a place to start.

Yes, a better health system and additional social workers would also help many families tremendously.

If this country has the money to buy billions of dollars worth of fighter jets, then there should be no problem in spending a few billion to better help the needy.

Bob Lucishin, Belle River

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