75 Important Science GK Questions and Answer English Science Trivia Questions Science Quiz
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1. What is the main function of white blood cells
2. Leaves appear green because they
3. Which of the following proteins is effective against most viruses?
4. The instrument used to record the heartbeat is called?
5. The  device that cools the engine of vehicles is called?
6. Which of the following disease is the deadliest?
7. Which of the following is a good conductor of electricity?
8. The deficiency of essential elements for plants can be overcome by giving-
9. The largest deposits of gypsum are found in which of the following states of the country?
10. Zinc and mercury elements?
11. Water is an important component in plants which participates in?
12. The device which converts sound waves into electrical waves is called?
13. Flow of charge in liquids is?
14. In which industry is the important use of dolomite?
15. Which is the gas which is not stable even though it is inert?
16. Mitochondria are found in the cell?
17. The protein found in wheat grain is called?
18. The sum of the numbers of neutrons and protons is called?
19. Nicotine substance is found in which plant?
20. Polio disease is caused by which class of pathogen?
21. Carbohydrates are made up of?
22. Typhoid and dysentery are spread by?
23. Which of the following is a C4 plant?
24. What is a sea horse?
25. The marks of living beings that are inscribed on ancient rocks are called?
26. Which of the following is an egg laying animal?
27. Transuranic elements are?
28. Measure the changes in the pressure of the atmosphere?
29. What is 'Truck Farming'?
30. What is studied under 'Floriculture'?
31. What is pomology the study of? 
32. What is studied under silviculture?
33. Monoculture is a distinctive feature of?
34. What is the word used to refer to the study of soil?
35. Into how many classes Indian soil has been divided by the Indian Committee for Agricultural Research?
36. Which soil has the ability to retain moisture for a long time?
37. In which soil irrigation is not required for agriculture?
38. The local name of which soil is Regur?
39. Which soil is suitable for the cultivation of groundnut?
40. Which of the following is the most suitable soil for cotton cultivation?
41. The period from July to October in Indian agriculture is called?
42. Kharif crop is harvested in?
43. Ampere is the unit of?
44. Parsec is the unit of?
45. Which of the following is a cash crop?
46. Which of the following crops is known as cash crop?
47. Which of the following are fiber crops?
48. What is the basic unit of life?
49. The living part of the cell is called 'protoplasm'. What is it made of?
50. The substance found in more than 80% of the cell is?
51. Which of the following cells does not have a nucleus?
52. Which of the following is also called the 'power plant' of the cell?
53. The power source of the cell is?
54. Mitochondria is not found in which of the following cells present in the human body?
55. Which of the following is the controlling center of the cell?
56. The cell of which of the following is the smallest living cell?
57. Which one of the following cell organelles group is to be DNA?
58. Which country cows are known as 'Tea Cup Cow'? 
59. The primary function of RNA is?
60. Ribosomes are?
61. Two strands of DNA are bound by?
62. The process of copying genetic information from a stand of DNA to RNA is called
63. DNA What is the most basic protein associated with, called?
64. Viruses contain?
65. What is the reason for the curdling of milk?
66. Which country has the largest number of buffaloes in the world?
67. By which symptom 'Murra buffalo is recognized?
68. What is the average fat content in buffalo milk?
69. Which buffalo milk has maximum fat?
70. The best wool is obtained from which of the following?
71. What is the animal 'Pashmina' famous for its wool?
72. Goat's milk is more digestible because?
73. Which country has the largest number of sheep in the world?
74. What percentage of the world's total sheep is found in India?
75. In which state most sheep are found in India?
76. Which of the following cell organelle is found in plant cell but not found in animal cell?
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