40 Important Coronavirus Gk Questions and Answers || COVID19 Gk || Coronavirus current affairs
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1. The Coronavirus has originated from which country?
2. What are the best ways to guard yourself against the virus?
3. Should people avoid all goods and products from China?
4. What precaution you can take to protect yourself from the virus?
5. Name the university that is going to develop a vaccine?
6. Chinese outposts of British and US universities will remain shutdown till 1 May 2020.
7. Are face masks are highly effective in protecting you from the Coronavirus.
8. Social distancing can help prevent Coronavirus.
9. Which state of America has seen the highest number of coronavirus cases?
10. Quarantining yourself can help to reduce Coronavirus.
11. What is the recovery time for the coronavirus disease?
12. Recently CSIR-NAL has developed BiPAP Non Invasive Ventilator for Covid 19. Name it?
13. The National Institute of Virology has achieved success in developing the nation’s first indigenous COVID-19 antibody test kit.Name it?
15. Tokyo Olympics has been Cancelled for how many years because of Covid-19 ?
16. Who has been choosen in an Awareness campaign run by WHO against Covid-19 ?
17. Finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman has announced the relief package of how many lakh crores for migrant labourers and poor people ?
18. Who declared that whole world has entered into Economic recession because of Covid-19 ?
19. Who started operation ‘Namaste’ in order to tackle with Covid-19 ?
20. Abott laboratories who have launched 5 minutes testing kit for Coronavirus belongs to which country ?
21. Which State Chief minister launched ‘Self Declaration’ Covid-19 app ?
22. Which app is launched by Indian government in order to track the location of Corona infected people ?
23. Which country’s PM is infected with Coronavirus ?
24. How many months has been granted by RBI on debt’s EMI ?
25. Which country is affected by ‘Hanta virus’ ?
26. In which country maximum people died due to COVID-19 ?
27. On which Date ‘Janta curfew’ was imposed in India ?
28. Which state government has formed ‘Team 11’ in order to tackle Covid -19 ?
29. What is the Name of Covid-19 test ?
30.Princess Maria Teresa died due to Coronavirus belonged to which country ?
31. Name the new website launched by Google in order to spread Awareness regarding Covid-19 ?
32. Which bank has started Covid-19 emergency credit line for it’s customers ?
33. India’s biggest hospital for treatment of coronavirus will be constructed in which state ?
34. Which state became India’s first state to launch ‘Self Assessment tool’ in order to treat Covid-19 patients ?
35. CRISIL has estimated India’s GDP growth rate for the financial year 2021 is ?
36. Which medicine’s export was restricted because of coronavirus ?
37. What is the official name given to Coronavirus disease originated from Wuhan ?
38. Who declared Covid-19 a Pandemic ?
39. How many days remain total  lockdown due to Coronavirus phase-1, phase-2, phase-3?  
40. COVID-19 affects which part of the human body?
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