Is ‘The Last of Us’ a cautionary tale? The truth about the fungus among us


It’s a terrifying scene. A staggering mess of something that used to be a person, clothes tattered and falling off its body, leans forward, close to its cringing victim’s face. It opens its mouth and tendrils — an infectious fungus — seek out its victim’s mouth, each moving individually, sinuously. It’s unnerving, shocking and disconcertingly …

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Reader letter: Increase classroom education about homelessness


article content There have been homeless people there as far back as I can remember. article content To solve this problem, we have continuously tried various financial methods which include donations and fundraisers. We have built more shelters, soup kitchens and warming stations. article content It’s impossible to imagine how much money and man hours …

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En février, célébrons l’amour et l’amitié


On this Janvier est le mois du divorce et favrier le mois des amoreux, que l’on fête le 14, Journal de la Saint-Valentine, dans une grande majorite de Pays. This date is a special possession for different occasions. Different factors exist for celebre son amour: Un supeur aux chandelles eros au champagne et music romantic, …

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Le redoux encore de mise dans le sud du Québec


From the start of Quebec or Quebec’s big party the temperature becomes quite comfortable and there are certain areas that center the danger and affect episodes of Bruin Verglacante. Dans le sud de la province, on privet une alternation de soleil et de nuages, notement dans le grand montreal ou le mercure affichera 2°C au …

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Portugal church sex abuse study finds 512 alleged victims – Brandon Sun


LISBON, Portugal (AP) – A committee investigating historic child sex abuse in the Portuguese Catholic Church said Monday that 512 alleged victims have come forward. Senior officials of the Portuguese Church previously claimed that only a small number of cases had been reported. The independent committee set up by the Portuguese bishops a year earlier …

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