Exxon Mobil accurately predicted warming since 1970s


DENVER (AP) – Exxon Mobil scientists were remarkably accurate in their predictions about global warming, even though the company made public statements that contradicted its own scientists’ findings, a new study says. The study reported Thursday in the journal Science looked at research funded by Exxon that not only confirmed climate scientists’ point, but also …

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2022 was fifth or sixth warmest on record as Earth heats up


DENVER (AP) – Earth’s fever persisted last year, not reaching a record high but in the top five or six hottest on record, government agencies reported Thursday. Record-shattering warm years are expected in the next few years because of “sustained” climate change from the burning of coal, oil and gas, US government scientists have said. …

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Premature shutdown behind rocket launch fail


LONDON (AP) – Virgin Orbit said Thursday that its first attempt to launch satellites into orbit from the UK failed after its rocket’s upper stage shut down prematurely. The US-based company used a modified Boeing 747 aircraft to carry one of its rockets from Cornwall in southwest England over the Atlantic Ocean on Monday. The …

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EU inaugurates first mainland satellite launch port


KIRUNA, Sweden (AP) — The European Union is looking to boost its ability to launch small satellites into space with a new launchpad in Arctic Sweden. European officials and Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf inaugurated the EU’s first mainland orbital launch complex on Friday during a visit to Sweden by members of the European Commission, …

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What came together to make deadly Alabama tornado


DENVER (AP) – A La Nina weather pattern, warm moist air coming from the unusually dry Gulf of Mexico, is likely to be influenced by climate change, and a decade-long eastward shift of tornadoes to unusually early and came together to form the deadly storm system that hit Alabama Thursday, meteorologists said. And this could …

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